Thursday, May 21, 2009

Natural Source of Resveratrol (red wine)

Many studies investigated the benefits of red wine suggested that moderate amount of red wine lower risk of heart attack for people in middle age by (30-50)% also indicated that red wine can raise (HDL) cholesterol (good cholesterol) and prevent (LDL) cholesterol (bad cholesterol) from forming.
red wine and something in red wine called (resveratrol) might be heart healthy and might be a key ingredient in red wine that helps prevent damage to blood vessels reduce bad cholesterol and prevents blood clots.
Longevity and Resveratrol:
the exact mechanism of resveratrol is not yet known,but the researchers believe resveratrol may be activating longevity gene called SIRTI (sirtuin).
Alzheimer's and Resveratrol:
it has been proved that resveratrol can protect the brain against oxidative and keep the brain cells
Cancer and Resveratrol:
resveratrol not only prevents cancer it's being proposed as an additional treatment,resveratrol is a broad-spectrum agent that stops cancer in many different ways from blocking estrogen and androgen's to modulating genes,some of the anti-aging effect of resveratrol scientific studies performed with both animals and living cells have proven that resveratrol is able to promote more efficient intercellular repair,creat healthier blood vessels and protect brain tissues,research demonstrates resveratrol is able to deeply affective the center of living cells nucleus to provide significant anti-oxidant protection as well as increasing cellular longevity,it activates an enzyme that prolongs the cell life,thus allowing mire time for the cell to repair it's DNA and live longer.
resveratrol has been shown effective against a wide range of cancers,it's ability to stop cancer is connected to it's ability to distinguish a cancer cell from the normal cell,among other effects resveratrol activates tumor suppressor genes and genes that detoxify chemicals,is also suppresses genes that enable cancer cells to communicate with each other.


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